17th annual Art Papers Art Auction

17th Annual ART PAPERS Art Auction

17th Annual ART PAPERS Art Auction
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The Atlanta creative community came together to celebrate the arts at The Art Papers Art Auction held at BoBo Intriguing Objects. Kwanza Hall attended the annual fundraiser along with renowned artists Kevin Cole and Radcliffe Bailey. The turnout for the event is another example of the far reaching influence of art in the City of Atlanta. The auction gives artist and art organizations the opportunity to gain exposure and highlight their work. Glo ATL, an experimental dance group based out of The Goat Farm, performed during the auction. Other visual artists such as Will Downs, Sheila Pree Bright, and Bethany Collins contributed to the success of the auction by creating works to be sold. Midway through the evening Saskia Benjamin, executive director of Art Papers, shared the auction was close to reaching it’s with a goal of $180,000.
Alexandra Sachs, executive director of SCAD Show and vice-president of Art Papers, praised the January/ February issue of Art Papers saying it was one of the best issues in the history of the magazine. The issue focuses on art and design in public spaces, a topic that resonates with District 2. Among the articles is a piece titled “Art of MARTA Part 2,” including “Aspirations,” a sculpture by Saunders Schultz and William Severson at King Memorial Station. Other stand out articles include “Black People on Bikes,” a look at MOBB ATL, and “Art on The Beltline.
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