Dawn Gilliam, script supervisor for Fences, on working behind the scenes


Dawn Gilliam is honored at the BronzeLens Film Festival

Script Supervisor Dawn Gilliam was recently honored at the BronzeLens Film Festival for her contributions in the film industry. Working on blockbuster such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Trek Into the Darkness, The Hunger Games she “sits with the big boys” and  uses her influences to bring a fresh perspective to story lines.  Gilliam sits down with pworthy.com to talk about working with Denzel Washington and Viola Davis on the upcoming adaptation of the August Wilson play Fences, her duties as a script supervisor and why it is  important to have women of color working behind the scenes.


Why is it important for women of color  to hold position as scripts supervisor?

First off we are filmmaker  and we are creativeA woman of color can get that type of position we can get our own flavor also. If you have only person doing all the films you’ll only get one perspective. As a script supervisor I’m able to lend my expertise or lend my eye and give them a different way of looking at situation or even if they’re grappling over  aline I can give them a different perspective. That’s what filmmaking is about it’s about having a collaborative creative atmosphere. The more diverse it is the better the filmmaking


What is your role as a script supervisor? 

I am the person in the trenches. I am there sitting right next to do the director and the director of photography. I have to deal with the camera and actor. My notes go the editor so they can put the film together.


Are you currently working on any other projects?

I have just finished doing Fences with Denzel Washington and in January I’ll be here in Atlanta doing Black Panther the Marvel Comic movie.


What was it like working on the script of film that was a highly awarded play? 

It is a play it is a highly awarded play. And all those that won the Tony Award- Denzel and Viola are in the film. We shot it more so like a play and it is phenomenal. I had to sit back and take a moment and go I am sitting and working with the greatest talent in our industry. Sitting next to Denzel and watching him work with Viola was a pleasure. It was awesome acting at the top level.


How did you become a script supervisor? 

I was able to look a round and be on set enough and say that is something I would like to do. Once I started looking into it, it fit all my qualifications and it was something I thought  I would like to do. I also went to the library and researched it.

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