President Barack Obama gives last State of the Union Address tonight

ObamaTonight is the last State of The Union Address from President Barack Obama and as Black people everywhere look forward to Martin Luther King Jr. weekend this State of the Union will no doubt be momentous. I  imagine him walking up to the podium like the G he his, check the promo pic for the upcoming SOTU, and rattling off his much overlooked achievements as our first Black President who with his beautiful wife Michelle Obama, raised two beautiful Black children in the White House.

It’s been trying for many to watch ¬†Obama be disrespected, scrutinized and accused of not loving Black people enough, by the same people who his policies and actions have benefitted i.e. Affordable Care Act, Age 26 extension insurance law, pardoning of petty drug offenders and the list goes on. But we watched proudly at the capture of Osama Bin Laden, a drop in unemployment, amendment of gun laws and the first family handle themselves with admirable grace and patience.

Black people and American people have a lot to be proud of. A President who forged on in the face racism and a longstanding legacy of ignorance. President Barack Obama never gave up, he went around, under, over and through as an example to the people, to stand up for what is right, no matter how hard it becomes. As we watch, the now older and much grayer POTUS give his last State of The Union, we must remember his presidency as a history lesson to never forget.


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