Searching for The Queen of Sheba at The Fernbank Museum

ShebaOpensSept26800X285On Sept 26 the Fernbank Museum is attempting to uncover the mystery  with Searching for the Queen of Sheba, an exhibit dedicated to the queen and her impact on religion and world history. The Queen of Sheba is a celebrated woman in many holy books such as the Torah, Qu’ran and the Ethiopian Kebra Nagast. Praised for her pursuit of knowledge, according to the Jewish tradition she brought Judaism to the people of Yemen and North Africa. In the Ethiopia tradition, The Queen of Sheba brought the worship of  the “G-d of Israel ” to the people of  Ethiopia to which the bloodline of Ethiopian Jews is still attributed. In Christian tradition she was the Queen of Egypt and Ethiopia.  One thing all three stories have in common is that’s she was wealthy, beautiful and intelligent enough to call on King Solomon, the wisest man in the world, to teach her about the divine, which resulted in the birth of a son.

Searching for The Queen of Sheba  exhibit is  in conjunction with Women of Vision: National Geographic Photographers on Assignment.

Searching for the Queen of Sheba

September 26- January 3

Fernbank Museum

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