Whiskies of The World tours Atlanta

WoodfordReservePourDoug Smith loves to talk about Whisky. His favorite drink is a Whisky Sour, but he is also partial to a Blood & Sand, a drink made with blended whisky, orange juice, vermouth and Scotch.  And when he wants to do thing a little different he’ll have his Blood & Sand with a smoky Whisky. Smith, is the Event Director, for the upcoming Whiskies of the World in Atlanta, Ga., where he’ll be introducing new flavors and taste to the palate.

“People have become more educated and knowledgeable about the product,” Smith says. “In the past it was seen as a man’s drink and strong. When people started learning about aromas and nuances that’s started changing.”

Whiskies of The World originally began in San Francisco where it sells out a week in advance. Smith and his team partnered with the International Wine & Spirits Competition and started expanding the event to Houston, Austin and Atlanta. 

“Atlanta has of cultures that have settled in the area and what comes with that is a you have a strong food culture and with food culture you find a whisky culture,” Smith says. “It requires a pretty refined or disciplined drinker who can sip it for the flavor. We’re not looking or clientele that shoots whisky; we usually draw people who have achieved more who can develop their palate.”

The event includes master classes, a VIP hour, cigar pairings and food pairings. Holman & Finch is also leading a master class and will have a food table next to the High West Whisky table for pairings.  There will also be small bites selected from the Hyatt Hotel to pair with the Whisky tastings including chocolate brownies.  Smith says the idea is for people to learn new ways to enjoy the centuries old drink.

“I’m looking forward to the High West Class. He’s a chemist and he will have the science behind it,” Smith continues. “It’s about getting people to know the pleasure of combining whisky with food. You get whisky on your tongue, follow it with food, then put whisky on your tongue and notice the contrasting echoing of flavors.”

Whiskies of the world will have more than 200 expressions available for tasting including Scotch, Irish, Canadian, and Bourbon.

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