Wonderroot closed for Tuesday Nov. 8, Election Day 2016

Chris Appleton, Executive Director and Founder of Wonderroot, announced today the art center will close it’s door for Election Day 2016. Appleton stated the importance of electing the nation’s president as cause for the decision, but also to honor the organizations commitment to the community and the staff.  Appleton stated it’s important to ensure all staff, interns and volunteers have the opportunity to vote and therefore Wonderroot will be officially closed on Tuesday November 8, 2016. Read full statement given to pworthy.com below.

“Wonderroot believes participating in the democratic process of voting is essential to the organization’s culture and values. We believe that election day should be a national holiday, and to demonstrate the organizations commitment to ensure that all of our staff interns and volunteers have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process we have decided to close the arts center for election day.”

Appleton hopes other non profits and businesses will follow suit and the suspension of operations on Election Day serves as model for other organizations with the same commitment to the community.


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